Tuesday, January 18, 2011

No neck, no ankles, and a penis that hasnt been seen in years. Sorry but pal but definately a virgin for life.

You must be the running back

Can you spot the lineman? I bet he runs a 4.ever forty yard dash.

Money can't buy...

Just kidding. Money can buy pretty much everything especially after seeing this. If old saggy guys can get smoking wives just because they gut some cash good for them. The definition of balling right here folks. Haters going to hate.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Nothing like a little word play

I was a huge fan of dingle and berry sitting side by side but this is just out of its league. Some people were just destined to be teamates.

Hey we all lose a lighter sometimes

 Lets give credit where credit is due. Sometimes you just can't find a lighter we all been there. This is making use out of useless talents. Would be a awesome party trick that I'm sure would pull some tail. Hey do you have a lighter? No but I can shoot flames out of my mouth. Thoughts?

I don't even....

First of all this is some strong parenting skills. Secondly wtf is that creature to the left and what the hell are they all doing in a tub? Is this some kind of sick game? I don't even know what this world is coming to, just when you think we hit rock bottom...

Asian love

Seems like an ordinary press conference. Maybe this is how the great each other or say goodbye. Thoughts?